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What are the product characteristics of the oxygen generator

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  What are the product characteristics of the oxygen generator?


What are the product characteristics of the oxygen generator




  1. Power failure alarm;


  2. Overheating alarm;


  3. Service alarm; timing function;


  4. Intelligent self-check system;


  5. Suitable for 24-hour operation; long-term stable service life.


  Suitable person:


  1. Over 60 years old


  2. People with heart disease and high blood pressure;


  3. People suffering from respiratory diseases;


  4. Cerebral thrombosis, stroke, paralysis, people with a history of stroke;


  5. Obese people;


  6.Students facing huge test pressure;


  7. People with heavy workload (drivers, key company employees, business executives, night owls);


  8. Pregnant women




  1. Our medical oxygen generator can output oxygen with a concentration of more than 90%.


  2. The machine structure is reasonable, wear-resistant and durable.


  3. Our oxygen generator will help relieve your disease symptoms and balance the life energy and blood in the body.


  With the increase in energy consumption, the development of urbanization has brought some negative effects on human health. Pollution caused by automobile exhaust and industrial gases leads to an increased incidence of respiratory diseases, usually in the trachea, bronchi, lungs or chest. Patients with respiratory diseases may have difficulty breathing and cannot take in enough oxygen. Some may even die of organ failure.


  High-quality medical oxygen generators will assist in the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases. Our company can produce various medical oxygen generators suitable for different patients.


  We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of various medical laser/physiotherapy equipment. Our products have passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, and all laser therapy instrument series products have passed certification.

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