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China Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufacturer

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  China Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufacturer - Hangzhou Qingyuan Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hangzhou AoDi Electric Control Co., Ltd., a high-tech, leading manufacturer of oxygen concentrator and infrared forehead thermometers. In order to meet the increasing demands of global customers and markets, we make full use of advanced technology and SMT, DIP and production capacity to produce infrared thermometers, and have successfully passed ISO 13485, ISO9001, RoHS certification and CE, FCC, FDA certification. Through the unremitting efforts of Qingyuan people, after April 10, 2020, our production capacity can reach 20,000 pieces per day. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to visit us. Our aim is to establish long-term mutually beneficial trade relations with you.

China Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufacturer,Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufacturer

  The purpose of cyanogen medical equipment is:

  Social responsibility

  We care about social construction and hope to contribute to society. Whether it is in our business field or the social public life, it is an indispensable part of AoDi’s development. We will always pay attention to social dynamics and assume our responsibilities and obligations;

  Cherish the environment

  Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufacturer - Each charger of Qingyuan source is optimized to ensure that the energy consumption is reduced to the minimum and the utilization rate is increased to the maximum. Through the efficient use of electricity, the purpose of reducing the use of emission energy and protecting the environment is achieved;

  Advance education

  Our goal is to complete the construction of 10 Hope Primary Schools in China in 2020. Starting from simple hardware facilities, gradually shifting to a systematic knowledge supply method to substitute for the school’s soft power, and then gradually expand, so that the number of our aid The quality grows simultaneously with the development of the company;

  Aid to disaster areas

  According to our social news, when a disaster occurs, AoDi will donate his donations as quickly as possible, and actively organize fund-raising activities to pass on the hearts of the people of Qingyuan to the people in the disaster area.

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Qingyuan Medical serves customers attentively

Hangzhou Qingyuan Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Aodi Electric Control Co., Ltd. Due to the adoption of COVID-19, we are making full use of advanced technology and SMT, DIP, and the ability to produce infrared thermometers. Now our production capacity can reach 20,000 pieces per day.

Qingyuan fights the epidemic to show love

The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world; prevention and control are tough, and all parties support.In order to further combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic and help schools in Xiaoshan District to resume school safely, Feng Huoqing, general manager of Hangzhou Aodi Electric Control Co., Ltd., said: In the current epidemic situation, companies should not forget their original intentions, help solve the practical difficulties faced by schools, and firmly join hands in fighting The faith and determination of the epidemic have added strength to the school's strict prevention and control of the epidemic.

Qingyuan participates in the Medical Expo

The "Tenth Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instruments and Reagent Expo (Xi'an)" approved and hosted by the Medical Laboratory Industry Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association (CACLP) and hosted by Shanghai Bode Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is scheduled to be October 20, 2020- It was held on the 25th in Xi'an, one of the world's four ancient civilizations. At that time, Cyanogen Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in this exhibition.

China Oxygen Concentrator Supplier

China Oxygen Concentrator Supplier - Qingyuan Medical is a subsidiary of AoDi,Hangzhou Qingyuan Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development, integrating production, sales and service, and is committed to applying military supplies to the civilian field. Hangzhou Qingyuan Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. relies on 20 With years of military technology and development experience, three manufacturing centers and one research institute have been established in China.


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